Sunday, May 3, 2009

Time Out!

I am betrayed. The 6, my oldest friend, with whom I took my first baby steps in ringing, clearly doesn't like me.

It feels that way. I can't seem to ever find my stroke with her, she jumps over the balance with the lightest overpull and will not settle for me. First I thought it was just me, but today I rang the 5 successfully for the second time and I have no problem with the tenor, so clearly, this is personal.

Now I know that it is undoubtedly a combination of the draft, the wheel size and the weight of the bell. I know that this bell is not oddstruck like our eight, so there is no intrinsic reason for the disparity in tail and head stroke. But ringing the 6 is like a test of wills, and she is clearly as stubborn as I am.

I have news for you, 6. The 5 likes me just fine. She is right next to you, and I can move her and stand her on tail stroke like it was nothing. The 5 is a nice, cooperative bell. You, dear 6, have an attitude problem. So I'm putting you in time out. I'll just be checking back in a few months to see if you aren't more charitably inclined towards me. I suggest you take this time to think over what I have said. Getting your rope all in a twist won't solve anything. I am willing to give you another chance when you are ready to be a good bell.

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