Sunday, January 25, 2009

In Which I Need To Lose Weight

Just to show how dedicated a blogger I am, I present the following video in which all vanity is abandoned. This is the first time I successfully raised our tenor without help. Mind you, I had just raised the other nine bells, that's what I was practicing, so I was already pooped out when I got to this, the last bell in our ring of 10. I thought I was working this too hard, but it seems I was just raising it quickly.

And to Lyn, I had permission for this practice only to set the bells I raised, so I could practice that as well. But enough with the disclaimers, it's time for the show!


  1. So "set the bells raised" means what? That the bell is at rest pointing up?


  2. Damn.

    I must want to try this even more than I realized. That actually made me cry. And not just a little. Throughout.


    "It's a poor ringer that can't raise his own bell."